Distance Treatments

Thank you for booking your session.

Please download, and print the Health History & Consent Form document.

Once you have filled it out, scan the pages and email them to lianne@liannegraham.com.

Note: Distant treatments are available for Canadian Residences only

If this is your first session…

IF this is your first session OR you have not had a session in over 1 year 
complete these forms

1. Download the forms
2. Complete the forms on your computer or device
3. Sign the forms*
4. Save forms and email it to lianne@liannegraham.com the day before your treatment

It would also be beneficial to send a photo of yourself as well. This is optional.

Please send the documents no later than 6 hours prior to the session.

Session information

Before the appointment

Decide your what your goal/ focus is for during the treatment.

Find a place where you can relax uninterrupted.

Advise anyone that may be around that you are to not be disturbed during your treatment.

Turn your phone to do not disturb.

Set a timer to remind yourself to turn off do not disturb after the session.

Have a blanket close by in case you get cold.

Have a notebook and pen close by to document anything you remembered or experienced from the treatment.

If you would like to play relaxing music have it ready to go before your appointment starts. It is recommended to listen to music without words

It is also perfectly fine to rest in silence if you prefer.

Here are some recommended track you can listen to on Youtube:

Guardians of Atlantis – Dan Gibson’s Solitudes

Reiki Meditation: Cho Ku Rei

Aeoliah – Angel Love

Daniel Otsuka – Reiki Healing Touch (high quality sound)

Immediately before the session:

• drink some water.

• use the washroom before your appointment starts if needed.

• get into a comfortable position either laying down or in a sitting position

The Appointment

Brief phone call with me

I will call you at the beginning of your treatment, for a short discussion regarding your focus for the treatment and to get an update on any changes to your health. 

Session starts

Session ends

I will call, text, or not call, depending on your preference

If you asked for the follow up call after the treatment, I will call you to discuss any experiences or questions you may have from the treatment.

If you decided not to have a follow up call after the treatment, I will text you when the treatment is finished.

If you have any questions at a later time, regarding the treatment or what you experienced please email or text me.


After the appointment

Write down anything you want to remember from your treatment in your notebook

It is beneficial to drink water and/or take a bath with epsom salt after treatments

More information

During the session

Have an open mind and set the intention to receive the reiki energy being sent to you.

Close your eyes, bring your attention to your music and/or breathing.

If your mind is wandering to other things, you feel a heaviness in your body, or emotions come up during the treatment bring your attention to your breathing. Do deep breaths into your belly. Inhaling through your nose and exhaling through your mouth

What to do if disturbed during the session

Don’t worry if you get interrupted during our session, you will still receive the healing benefits. Return your mind to the session as soon as you can.

What you may feel during the treatment

Each time you have a treatment the experience can be different depending on what is going on with you at the time of receiving the reiki energy.

What other people have experienced from their sessions include:

• feeling relaxed, calm
• falling asleep and feeling rested on wakening 
(it is completely fine to fall asleep during a treatment, your body may need the rest)

• sensations of hot and/or cold

• sensations of tingling

• body twitching (it is releasing stuck energy from the body)

• memories, images, colours appear in the mind

• feeling like “nothing happened”. This is normal as the effects of a reiki treatment sometimes are subtle and may not be noticed until later.